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The Reemergence of Fedoras and Wide Brim Hats

Hats have been a present and popular accessory in the fashion industry. Since the earliest ages, men and women would try and make something that will keep their head and face safe from the sun and the heat in the summer, and keep them warm in the winter. However, as the times and fashion changed, hats have become a fashion accessory. Men would wear hats as part of their style and outfit, and women as an expression of a social and economical position in society.

However, the situation today is completely different. Hats are present and worn for two main reasons: practicality and fashion. In those terms, there has been a huge demand in the fashion market for various types of hats. Luckily for the consumer’s tastes, there is a variety of options that one can choose from, depending on their personal style and preference.

A brand that has entirely dedicated its business in the hat area is Dope Hats Store. With the unique vision of providing the most original and stylish hats for men and women, Dope Hats Store has a wide selection of headwear that will satisfy every taste with an offering of cheap fedoras, but without sacrificing quality. Their selection of wide-brim hats and fedoras makes the brand unique on the market, with a special accent on following the latest fashion trends, as well as the an assortment of various colors, styles, and discount prices.

Women’s hats

As a headwear piece, women's hats have gained quite popularity on the world fashion scene in the last few seasons. Although their presence has never vanished, the fashion industry somehow neglected them as an accessory that can entirely define and change one's outfit and style. With the constant change in trends, women's hats have now become an irreplaceable accessory and part of the signature look for the fashion savvy individual. The most popular and demanded are the women’s fedoras and the wide brim hats.

For those who are looking to add hats as an accessory that will complete and define their personal style and outfit, there is no better way to do so but with the huge selection and wholesale pricing from Dope Hats. To know what to choose and wear starts by defining the preference over the type of hat.

Women's Fedoras

Fedoras are currently the most stylish, common, and fashionable hat items that are suitable for all ages. With a special design and look, the fedoras present an image that perfectly blends the elegant with the fashionable. The fedoras come in both winter and summer options. The winter fedoras feature a warm and heavier fabric that besides the fashionable purpose, keeps the head warm and safe. The summer fedora options feature lighter summer fabrics that keep the head cool. Each of the types comes in the most unique color selection, prints, patterns, and details that make the hats truly unique and fabulous, but will save you money with affordable prices.


Wide Brim Hats

The wide brim hats fall under the category of fedoras, with one distinction. If the fedoras are smaller and more practical, these have a wider brim which makes them more appealing, dominant, and eye-catching. The choice between choosing a classic fedora or a wide brim hat is entirely up to personal preference and style, and it may be done regarding one's physique. The size and the appearance of the wide brim perfectly complements the body and adds to whichever fashionable look you are trying to match.

Men’s hats

During the ’60s and the ‘70s, a man could have not been seen out on the street without wearing a hat. Back then, it was a regular and an unavoidable piece that came together with the entire outfit. Men who wore hats were considered gentlemen, with a fashion sense and awareness. Later, hats somehow became retro pieces and the newer and modern fashion history rarely included them among the younger population. Today, the modern and urban man considers wearing a hat, or more particularly, a fedora, as an accessory and fashion garment that puts an outfit together for a sophisticated allure. 

Men's Fedoras

Similar to the female alternative, men's fedoras are a stylish and desirable fashion accessory. The new look and tailoring of the fedora put this hat as the most popular one, going the lengths of providing a timeless, fashionable, and perfect looking accessory. The color choices and options are now bountiful too, considering that fashion today allows no restriction when it comes to expressing your style. There are also different brim widths that make the options and selection more varied and personalized. 

How to choose the right hat?

When choosing a hat for the first time, one must always consider the look it provides. A smaller head and face will disappear into some of the larger and wider hats. The size of the hat, as well as the size of the brim, must perfectly complement the size of the head and make the look symmetric and fashionable. If it is a winter hat, it is best to choose a color and a print that will flatter the outwear garments you have and will style easily. Some of the classic choices include black, beige, navy, dark green, and gray as the easiest ones to style.

With so many different offerings in regard to sizes, colors, and shapes, Dope Hats Store is truly the place everyone can find a unique and interesting piece of headwear that won't break the bank.

For more hats, inspiration, and choices, head to Dope Hats Store.

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