How to Clean Your Fedoras and Wide Brim Hats

How to Clean Your Fedoras and Wide Brim Hats

Sweat, body oils, grease, and watermarks all have one thing in common - they can all wreak havoc on your favorite wide brim hats and fedoras. The key to keeping your hats both new and old clean is to be consistent when it comes to spot cleaning new accidents. Whenever you notice a stain or mark it is important to treat the problem area using as little liquid as possible, which will prevent any potential for the hat to lose its shape. 

How to clean your wool or felt fedora while minimizing any potential damage?

All of Dope Hats' brims are made of wool, which is created by applying heat, moisture, and pressure to the wool and therefore mending the textiles of the hat together. The instructions in this post are for cleaning wool hats, not hats made of other fur materials, which we do not currently have in our collection. 

Preventative maintenance to keep your hat looking fresh.

Prevention is the best course of action for your wool fedora, but can be easier said than done. One of the best preventative measures you can take to keep your wide brim hat looking great, and reduce the chances that you’ll need to really deep clean it, is by brushing your brim after each wear. You can do this with a toothbrush, or even better, using a special hat brush just for cleaning wool and hats. Brushing your hat upon each time you wear it will sweep away dirt and debris, and keep keep your hat looking sharp!

How to spot clean your wool and felt hats and fedoras?

As we previously covered, the key to keeping your fedoras and wide brims in perfect condition is to store them properly and clean them regularly with a brush, or even a lint roller to ensure dust does not settle in. However, if you have a more set in stain, the first thing you should do is attempt a spot cleaning treatment with a dampened cloth that you rub in a circular motion. If water isn’t doing the trick, then try adding a little dish soap.

If your stain is still giving you problems then try applying a mix of baking soda, corn starch, or baby powder directly onto the stain. Rub the powder in using the same motion and then let it sit for 20 minutes to soak up any oils. If the stain is still present, then simply just rinse and repeat!

How to hand wash your wool or felt hats and fedoras?

Please keep in mind that hand washing your hats should be a last resort! Remember that subjecting your wool hat to water increases your chances of ruining its shape and overall appearance. However, if the stain is bad enough that you won’t wear it any longer, then feel free to try this step. 

First, prep your hat by removing any embellishments or hat bands, spot clean it by brushing the hat to remove dirt and residue, and scrubbing away stains. Next, do a quick test to make sure adding moisture won't ruin your brim. To do this, fully wet a small section of the hat to ensure the color doesn’t run. If there are no problems then proceed by filling a bowl or sink with water and a small amount of soap. Once filled, dunk the hat and let it sit in the water for about 15 minutes (or longer if needed). Once you’re done, rinse the hat using cold water, place it on a dry cloth, and dab it with a towel to move residual water. Set your hat in a cool, dry area that is away from sunlight and you are good to go. 

Should you machine wash your hats?

Never! If the stain is truly problematic, then we recommend using a quality dry cleaner or taking your hat to a hat store for a deep cleaning.

How should you store your fedoras and wide brim hats?

Hands down - a hat box, but if a hat box is not an option, then we recommend storing your hat in a way in which it is sure to not damage its brim. Ideally your hats should be kept away from sunlight to reduce fading, and also stored in a dry area that is free from any moisture or humidity. 

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