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  • Dope Hats Signature Brand of Affordable Men's and Women's Fedoras

    Still thinking of where to purchase your next new fedora? Consider Dope Hats collection of high quality men's and women's headwear at the cheapest prices around and with free shipping on every order.
  • The Reemergence of Fedoras and Wide Brim Hats

    Men's and Women's wide brim hats and fedoras, once a staple in American fashion, are now remerging as a stylish accessory for a variety of occasions. Dope Hats breaks down the reemergence of fashionable headwear and highlights everything you need to know about hats.
  • How to Clean Your Fedoras and Wide Brim Hats

    A detailed guide by Dope Hats Store, which covers the basics when it comes to cleaning and storing your wide brim fedoras both new and old.
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